User Reviews For Skelaxin (Metaxalone)

Skelaxin For Leg Pain

I was a football player since my college days. One day I fell down and got numbness and unbearable pain in my legs. At that time even I could not walk and move fast. My brother fortunately introduced skelaxin and i thought it would not help me. First time I reluctantly took this drug. I really feel very happy now. I got complete solution and It increased my power to play well.

reviewed by Carrie Long.

Metaxalone Heals muscular spasm

I had diarrhea and muscular pain in back for past one year and tried all treatments but none of them helped.
When I started using this Metaxalone my back was incredibly improved and healed from diarrhea completely. I found it heps me to sleep well when taken before going bed. It helps to get more relaxation for both mind and body. Thanks

reviewed by Ballinger

Skelaxin for neck and fingers numb

I recommended skelaxin for my father to heal from his neck and fingers pain. he got amazing results with in few days of using it. My mom came and woke up him daily, since he fall asleep for longer time than usual. every day he was refreshed and feels healthy. he love to use it again and again.

reviewed by Mary Anderson

Thanks to Skelaxin

One day I slipped from first floor steps and my back and leg got injured. I was suggested to use skelaxin to get quick heal. I am an athlete so I could not wait for long days that would affect my ambition. Hence I have tried it. I was surprised about its terrible results. thanks to the discoverer of this Metaxalone drug. I recommend it to everyone. thank you dudes.

reviewed by Sibyl

Powerful Metaxalone

My friend has been using it for years. But, I had fear to use new drugs because of side effects. But, One day I got tired and could not able to concentrate on my studies, also got back pain. So, First time I tried. No words to explain how i feel tha time. I feel like I have changed as a deer in speed. Now, I am fan of Skelaxin.

reviewed by Mobly

Skelaxin helped to walk my husband

After went for minor surgery in legs my husband was not able to stand and walk straightly. That causes him to get back pain slowly and made him so tired to walk long time. So, he just used skelaxin a day. My wife asked him whether he had gone for surgery, because I became contrary and very active and healthy to that much . his leg also improved so much.

reviewed by Mercy

Calm sleep with Skelaxine(metaxalone)

After very long period in my life, I have slept calmly. I have been using this for two weeks. Previously I had muscular spasm and now i feel free from all these problems. Now, I use Skelaxin daily for easy sleep and relaxation. I will recommend you if you are worrying about muscular spasm.

reviewed by Justin

Muscular Spasm Healed By Skelaxine

There are many costly drugs I have seen in market. Skelaxin is comparatively low but one of the costly medicine.
But, It provides much benefits than other such costly drug. I have been cured from my numbness of hands and feet within few days of use.I use only small dosages and divided it in to three sets per day. Results were simply superb. You too enjoy friends.

reviewed by Jackson

Inexpensive Skelaxine

When I met doctor for my back pain, my family doctor prescribed me Metaxalone. It was somewhat expensive. But, most powerful drug.My back pain ran and afraided to see my body again. It also helped me to get heal from sleeping disorders.
love this product very much and recommend to everyone.thanks to metaxalone.

reviewed by Dennis

My grandpa smiling because of Skelaxin

My grandpa had muscular spasm and feel pain in neck fingers and in lower back for long time. We have approached many physiotherapist. we could not solve his problem. Finally, We came to know abput Skelaxin. My grandpa has used it few days with low doses. He is completely cured and got super power.We are so happy now.

reviewed by Parker