Benefits of losing belly fat

On the surface, losing belly fat is always about looking good and nothing more. However, excess accumulation of subcutaneous and visceral fat under your belly’s skin is a serious health risk; Yes, belly fat affects your body’s hormonal balance, and may lead to a whole range of medical complications if left unchecked. Here, some of the outstanding health benefits of losing belly fat.

Low Risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes

Since excess belly fat interferes with your body’s hormones, it subsequently affects the way the body responds to insulin. As a result, leading to insulin resistance, which is the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes. Usually, insulin signals your liver to store excess glucose for future use, therefore, keeping your blood sugar at optimum levels. However, when your liver gets covered in a layer of fat, it’s insulin contact and response is much slower, therefore, releasing more glucose than required in your bloodstream. The good news is, losing the excess reduces insulin resistance, keeping you out of harm’s way.

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Low Risk of getting Heart disease and High Blood Pressure

Yes! a bulging waistline doubles your risk for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure (HBP). According to research, individuals with a fat belly have a high chance of suffering heart complication as opposed to those without, even among people suffering from obesity. Firstly, excess fat tissue places more strain on the heart as it struggles to pump blood to the tissues and organs in your body. Secondly, belly fat increases the production of inflammatory hormones, raising the level of cholesterol, which is not only hazardous to your heart but also clogs your arteries, leading to HBP. However, shedding the extra fats should reduce these risks.

Low Cancer Risk

Excess body weight and more so belly fat has been linked to many types of cancers including colon and rectal, kidney, and breast cancer. Even though the connection is not yet well defined since research is still in its infant stage, health practitioners believe the hormonal imbalance that comes with a fat belly increases the risk for these cancers. Therefore, to stay on the safe side of things, losing belly fat is the way to go.

Low Risk of Getting Arthritis

Excess belly fat translates to extra pounds and therefore, more strain to your joints, which can cause or worsen arthritis symptoms. Shedding the extra weight will not only reduce the stress on your joints but also ease arthritis pain and other symptoms; the inflammatory effects of belly fat often make the condition worse.

Overall, there are many benefits of losing belly fat as outlined. The good thing is, you can always avoid these risks by exercising and observing your diet or rather, by dropping the excess belly fat.

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